Dominic T.K.Lam - Owner, Managing Director
As Moobantalay co-founder, his soul spreads around every parts of the resort.He keeps going on how to make a petite resort shining as a star to touch customers' heart.

Mr.Sydney - Resort Manager
As a Resort Manager, Mr.Sydney
knows every details of this small paradise. He adds a gentle manner and service heart to make every resort's guests reaching their satisfactions.


Mr.Sunny - Chef His passion and hard working brought him so far
Sunny started as a bell boy here 12 years ago. His passion and hard working broughr him so far. He cooks European dishes as good as Thai food.

Be happy in this second home.
Be helpful & cheerful to take care of the guests.
Be receptive & open mind to listen to the guests' comments and other departments' opinions.
Be useful & flexible to work across departments and creat a positive working atmosphere.